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Vietnamese name: Công Ty Cổ Phần Thực Phẩm Thủy Sản Xuất Khẩu Cà Mau
English name:

Ca Mau Foods & Fishery Export Joint Stock Company

Trading Name: Fine Foods Company
Abbreviation: FFC
Date of establishment: May 19, 2004
EU Code: 348
Chairman of the Board: NGO VAN PHANG
Categories: Frozen seafood processing and export of domestic.
Address: Nam Dam Hamlet, Luong The Tran Village, Cai Nuoc Dist, CaMau Province, Vietnam
Phone: (+84-780) 3 776 096 - 3 776 264
Fax: (+8-780) 3 776 092
Email: ffc@ffc.com.vn
The advantage of the company: FFC is located in the center of aquatic product raw material area of Ca Mau province, with more than 270,000 ha of natural shrimp farming, together with 254 km coast length, have created the populous and rich coastal salt-marsh zone, ensure to supply fresh and plentiful raw material. Favorable nature,modern equipment, human resources with professional skill and always to be trained are sound basis for the development in the future 
QM System HACCP ISO 9001 - 2008
Human resources: 800 full-time employees
Production output: More than 4000 tons per year
Quality Policy of the Company:


Export market: Japan, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, France, Germany, UK and other European countries.